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The Horses

Here are a selection of some of the horses, as well as a few pictures of some of the tack.  You will be riding Spanish style, in comfortable saddles with classic high cantles & pommels, all topped off with a luxurious soft sheep skin for the maximum comfort on your riding holiday. 



  • Malagena, Lara & Dali

  • Dali

  • Lucera, Belinda & Campeon

  • Caltibot

  • Caltibot

  • Lara

  • Dali & Lara

  • Sheepskins & tack

  • Tack room

  • Tack

Don't forget that places are limited, so early booking is vital.  Download a brochure or get a detailed quotation with all the accommodation details and much more information now to avoid being disapointed.


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