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Non Euro Currency Payments

Euro (€) Prices

As our costs are incurred in Euros and the majority of our clients are in the Euro zone we price and invoice in Euros (€).  The prices shown in € Euros will be used for:

The Euro Prices are the final price you pay - we will not add any surcharges or currency adjustments to these € prices.  We appreciate that holidays are a substantial investment and work very hard to provide excellent value for money without compromising quality.

Pound (£) Sterling Prices

The illustrative prices shown in £ Sterling are shown for the convenience of our English, Welsh, N. Ireland & Scottish clients and are based on the exchange rate shown on the page concerned which is liable to change.  Pounds (£) may be used for:

Please note that we can only accept Sterling by cheque or bank transfer directly to our UK Lloyds TSB bank account, converted as shown in Exchange Rates below

Non Euro or Pound currencies

We regret we cannot accept direct payments in other non EU currencies such as Danish Krone, Swedish Krona, US Dollars etc - these will be converted to Euros as outlined in Exchange Rates below.  Please contact us for currency specific details. 

Exchange Rates

The exchange rate used will be that quoted by Currencies Direct at the time the invoice is processed and will be administered as follows:

Deposits. If your booking deposit is paid in £ Sterling to our Lloyds TSB account, it will be converted to the corresponding amount in Euros at the rate applicable at the time the booking form is processed.  This Euro amount will then be credited to your account as the deposit paid.

Final Balances. If you wish to pay your final balance in £ Sterling, the balance in Euros will be converted to a £ Sterling equivalent at the time your final invoice is prepared (just before six weeks prior to arrival date).  This amount may then be paid to our Lloyds TSB account.

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Why are credit / debit card payments billed in Euros?
Unfortunately at present we are unable to take credit or debit card payments in £ sterling due to the fees charged by the credit card companies for "Cross border" payments and the cost of converting the £ into €.  In order to cover these fees, we would need to increase our costs by a substantial amount, so in common with our peer group, we have decided to bill credit / debit cards in Euros in order to give you the best deal.

This effectively splits the transaction, whereby we pick up all the charges for the credit card processing & admin and your card company will convert the € payment to £ on your statement.  As this is a "purchase", rather than a "cash advance", you should not be charged any additional fees by your card company for this.

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