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Almuñécar & The Costa Tropical Weather

Almuñécar & The Costa Tropical have a great climate for riding, sheltered froSunset Over Playa de Velillam the extreme heat of the interior by the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and Las Alpujarras.  These protect the coast from the extremes of temperature the central plains receive, as well as sheltering us from the worst of the winter weather!  The winter days are much longer then the UK, and the long summer twilight is an absolute joy with the beaches still emptying around 9.00pm!

The climate is referred to as "Sub-Tropical" which refers to a tropical style temperature and weather patterns, but without the high humidity normally associated. We average 320 sunny days per year - so it's unlikely that you'll need the waterproofs & wellies when riding over here!.

Summer weather

Summer temperatures are typically in the mid to high twenties, with the thirties being reached on the hottest days, with a sea breeze usually setting in during the afternoon.  As the mid day temperatures are high, we will not ride during the mid day heat in Summer, hacking out in the early morning or long Summer evenings instead.

You can expect average summer temperatures to be around the 25C mark, with highs in the early afternoon approaching the high 20s.  As the temperature rises, though, the heat generates a good sea breeze which sets in from early afternoon and will blow until the early hours, which makes life very comfortable indeed.

Winter weatherSwimming in Summer under the blue Mediterranean sky

Winter temperatures are usually around the mid to high teens during the day, falling at night due to the predominately clear skies.  Rainfall is not normally an issue, as we have on average only some twenty odd rainy days each year, but on occasions when it does rain we can get a weeks worth in a few hours!

Winter temperatures seldom fall below 10C and are usually a tad warmer at an  average winter temperature of around 18C.  The nights, however, in the middle of winter can be quite cool, so it's a case of tee shirts in the sun and jackets in the moon here on the coast.  Ideal for a long weekend riding holiday !  NB If you're planning on doing any of the Alpujarras walking routes in winter then it is possible you may be near or on the snow line on the higher routes, so definitely pack accordingly.  Equally, if you travel inland during summer then expect temperatures to be around 5C more than on the coast - possibly more in high summer - and correspondingly cooler in mid winter.

Costa Tropical / Almuñécar - Weather forecasts

By far the best forecast we have found is the Spanish Ministry of the Environment weather forecast which is now available in different languages.  Just use the "Back" button on your browser to return here.

See also our Almuñécar information page for much more info on what the area is like.

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